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Public Notice 2005

Public Notice No. Date of Issue Brief Description
25/2005 26.9.2005 Eligibility of brand rate of duty drawback where inputs used in the manufacture of export products are imported availing of DEPB Clarification
24/2005 16.9.2005 Reduction in export Documentation- Abolition of various Declarations
22/2005 29.8.2005 Seizure of goods entered for exportation on account of misdeclaration of quantity, value etc., provisional release instructions
21/2005 29.8.2005 Re-export of Goods Imported under DFRC Scheme found unfit for consumption-
20/2005 29.8.2005 Annual supplement to Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09 changes made in EPCG, DEPB and Advance Licensing Schemes.
19/2005 13.7.2005 No requirement of permission for palletisation
18/2005 13.7.2005 Withdrawal of accredited status
17/2005 13.7.2005 Delayed, incomplete or incorrect filing of Import Manifest of Import Report
16/2005 13.7.2005 Factoring of duty incidence on HSD and furnace oil in Brand Rates and Special Brand Rates of Duty Drawback determined under Rule 6 and Rule 7 of the Customs & Central Excise duties Drawback Rules, 1995
15/2005 11.7.2005 Applicability of drawback on exports in CKD/SKD condition
14/2005 11.4.2005 Admissibility of DEPB benefits in r/o supply of goods from the units in DTA to Units in SEZ during the period from 1.4.03 to 11.5.2004
13/2005 11.4.2005 Factoring of 2% Education Cess in Brand Rates and Special Brand Rates of Duty Drawback determined under Rule 6 and Rule 7 of the Customs & C.Ex. Duties Drawback Rules, 1995- reg.
12/2005 24.3.2005 Fast Track clearance Procedure
11/2005 21.3.2005 Admissibility of duty drawback in respect of supplies effected by DTA units to SEZ.
10/2005 21.3.2005 Levy & Collection of 2% Education Cess on imports under various Export Promotion Scheme
09/2005 18.3.2005 Implementation of the decision taken by Action Group on Trade facilitation
08/2005 04.3.2005 Authority for Advance Ruling (Customs, C.Ex. & Ser. Tax ) Procedure Regulations, 2005
07/2005 24.2.2005 Reference on matters involving interpretation of statutory provisions or the policy provisions of the scope of notifications to the Board.
03/2005 24.2.2005 All Industry Rate of duty procedure 2004-05 reg.
02/2005 31.1.2005 Administrative Ministry for regulating import of Boric Acid
01/2005 31.1.2005 Permitting more items for import at Pune Airport

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